Flat D86 Levy 'Reckless and Shortsighted': Letter

Three Hinsdale residents say the District 86 board should be saving all it can in light of upcoming costs.

Patch file graphic
Patch file graphic
The following letter was sent to Patch by Carla Feinkind of Hinsdale:

The flat tax levy for District 86 is reckless and shortsighted in light of the numerous possible increases in expenses facing the district:     

  • A new contract with our excellent and dedicated faculty
  • The salary/benefit costs for the new administration CFO position that the new board majority proposes
  • The costs of the per diem services incurred this year
  • The costs of a professional search committee
  • The legal fees that added up as the board continued to deal with the Barrett law suit
  • The expensive and gratuitous forensic audit proposed by the new majority on the board (an expert described it as time consuming, expensive and unnecessary)
  • The unforeseen expenses that always crop up

Wise homeowners save for a "rainy" day. Even a minimal cost-of-living levy of 1.7 percent (which amounts to less than$20/$400,000 property value) would provide some protection for the District and the homeowners who understand the importance of maintaining the quality of our schools. 

People move here for the schools. There are many big beautiful homes in local suburbs. What distinguishes District 86 are its very excellent schools. 

—Dr. Leonard and Carla Feinkind, Hinsdale, and Joanna Williams, Hinsdale

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