D181 Board Member Does Not Make Motion to Eliminate ACE Program

Yvonne Mayer did, however, say that she can no longer trust all the information given to board members by the administration.

District 181 board member Yvonne Mayer decided not to make a motion Monday night to terminate the district's middle school ACE program as she said she would at the board's last meeting in August.

The motion Mayer had planned on making was based on the fact that the district did not alert the board about data left out of a compilation of fifth-grade InView test scores provided to members, with student names redacted, at Mayer's request earlier this summer.

Superintendent Renée Schuster said the students that were left out of the data provided to the board members were left out because they were part of groups that had 10 students or less and therefore were at risk of having their identities exposed. 

That rationale, however, was not given to board members when they were initially given the data. Schuster said she was on vacation at the time and did apologize for the miscommunication Monday.

"Our point of view is we have not lied, we have been honest in all regards, and we are doing what we are doing to protect the identity of students," the superintendent said.

While Mayer chose not to make the motion because of a likely lack of support from her colleagues, the board member remained miffed Monday about the missing information.

"I for one can no longer trust that the information we receive from the administration, specifically the curriculum department, is accurate or complete once something like this has happened and the administrators are not held accountable," Mayer said.

Monday's meeting took place at in Burr Ridge.


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