An 'Awesome' Trip To The Water Park

Fourth grader Greg W. from Trinity Lutheran School shares a memory from his summer vacation.

My Water Park Trip

By Greg W.
Fourth Grade

During the summer I went to the water park with my cousins Marie and Matt. We went on the Lazy River, the tube slide, and the other slides.

The Lazy River was calm until the end. There were two ways to go down, the wild side and the calm side. The calm side speeds up at the end too. I liked the wild side.

When we went down the tube slide we went down on a double tube. There was a surprise waterfall! Sometimes it misted, sometimes it shot down water.

Finally we went under water. Matt came at the end of the day, so we went down all the other slides which were in other parts of the water park. What a great time I had, I wish I could do this every week!

Going to the water park with my cousins was awesome! I hope I can go next summer!


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