Village President Candidates: What are Their Top Priorities?

Patch asked the question, and the three Burr Ridge village president candidates provided their answers.

In its 2013 candidate questionnaire, Patch asked the three candidates for Burr Ridge village president the following questions:

What will be your single most important priority if you get elected?

Here, in alphabetical order, are the candidates' responses:

John Bittner: "Safety of our children, community, and to protect our interests (our homes)."

Robert Sodikoff: "My most important priority as village president will be to maintain Burr Ridge as an upscale, safe, residential community while promoting the Village Center and businesses throughout the village which reflect the standards of our community."

Mickey Straub: "The most pressing priority is to help the Village Center succeed. With a 35% vacancy rate and many shops getting rent incentives it is not in a strong position and any more store loss could be devastating to the center and the village.  What is needed is improved marketing and branding of Burr Ridge and the Village Center (like the new, branded bridge that Bob Sodikoff was the only trustee who voted against would help accomplish), improving our working relationship with Village Center ownership, and getting/listening to resident feedback."

Tom O'Toole March 27, 2013 at 03:33 PM
As election time draws near, I believe an important ballot that needs to be cast is one to retain Robert N. Sodikoff, as Burr Ridge Village President Bob Sodikoff is an Attorney who has been actively involved in Village affairs for over 20 years—as a member of the Plan Commission, as Trustee and most recently, as acting Village President. (Replacing Gary Grasso, who was forced to resign because of legal issues regarding holding (2) elected offices in Du Page County.) Bob has been a strong proponent of responsible business growth in the Village Center, focusing on the needs of the residents--not outside investors and developers. (As the former Mayor was courting.) Bob believes in a sense of community that fosters home values and keeps Burr Ridge, a “Very Special Place.” (Unlike Grasso, whose goals were to turn Burr Ridge into an "Entertainment Destination" for people from all over, without regard to the needs of the residents.) Bob Sodikoff recently implemented an "Ethics Committee” to counteract the appearance of impropriety that plagued Grasso in his role as Mayor/Liquor Commissioner. (His son operates a Valet company that “coincidently” just happens to serve Burr Ridge restaurants. I’m sure the other candidates running are nice guys, but they clearly lack the experience that Mr. Sodikoff, with his legal background and 24 years of Village experience, brings to the office. Tom O’Toole, 21 year resident of Burr Ridge


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