Public Hearing Set for 2011 Tax Levy in Burr Ridge

Council moves forward with $1.038 million levy proposal, but says the final levy may not be that much.

The Burr Ridge Village Board of Trustees unanimously agreed to move forward with a 2011 tax levy proposal totaling $1,038,315 – a 5.53 percent increase over 2010

But, before the levy can be approved by the board and sent to the Cook and DuPage county authorities for approval, a public hearing must be held, under the “Truth in Taxation” law. The proposed public hearing is set for Dec. 12 during the regular board meeting.

Village staff estimated the Village’s equalized assessed value (EAV) for 2011 will increase by 6 percent to $1,328,619,375. This encompasses a 2 percent increase in existing value and a 4 percent increase in new construction. The 2011 EAV was down from 2010’s level of 9.77.

The Village of Burr Ridge, like all non-home-rule communities is subject to a tax cap of 5 percent or the cost of living, whichever is lower. This year the state-imposed tax cap has been set at 1.5 percent. The village is proposing the maximum levy allowed under the law.

“We never get what we ask for,” said Steve Stricker, the village administrator. “We can ask for $10 million and we’re not going to get it…, but we have to ask for the highest amount because it’s use it or lose it.”

The Tax Levy is comprised of three different levies: The Corporate Levy, Police Protection Levy and The Police Pension Fund Levy. Under the proposal the Corporate Levy totals $332,206, the Police Protection Levy totals $221,471 and the Police Pension Fund Levy totals $484,639.

Stricker said the police pension levy will drop and the money will be funneled back into the village’s general fund. The police pension saw a decrease of a little more than $80,000 due to changes in the other two levies. Mayor Gary Grasso, who in the past has been critical of the burden of public pensions on municipalities, said he was glad to see the decrease in the pension fund levy. 

Although the levy is an increase in taxes, Stricker said the average homeowner will likely see a negligible impact from the new tax levy. If the county authorities approve the levy proposal, he said DuPage residents will likely see an increase of about $3 in their property taxes and Cook County residents will likely see an increase of approximately $6.

A Burr Ridge resident pays a lot in property taxes, but the village only sees about 3 percent of the tax levy, Stricker said. The remainder of that tax dollars help fund school boards, the county and other government entities.


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