Election 2013: Burr Ridge Board of Trustees

Patch has all you need to know about the candidates running for Burr Ridge Board of Trustees this spring.

Five candidates have submitted their names to run for three open seats on the Burr Ridge Board of Trustees in the 2013 election.

All five candidates are looking to win their first term on the board, though Guy Franzese currently sits on the board after he was appointed to fill the spot left by acting Village President Bob Sodikoff when he replaced Gary Grasso late last year.

Early voting begins March 25. Election Day is April 9.

Patch put together the following guide to help voters get to know each candidate and keep track of the latest election news. 


  • Diane Bolos
  • Guy Franzese
  • Kathryn Galainena
  • Janet Ryan Grasso
  • Steven C. Less


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  • Burr Ridge Election Central: A guide to every race that affects residents of Burr Ridge will be posted in March.
  • Election 2013: A chronological feed of every election-related post on Burr Ridge Patch.


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