D181 Election: Three Up For Re-election Either Not Running, Not Sure

Yvonne Mayer and Russell Rhoads said they won't be seeking a second term, while Sarah Lewensohn said she hasn't made a final decision yet.

Yvonne Mayer and Russell Rhoads, two of the three District 181 Board of Education members whose terms expire next spring, said this week they won't be running for re-election, while the third, Sarah Lewensohn, said she has not yet decided.

All three board members are serving their first term on the board.

"I’ve been involved with the board from both sides of the table [as a parent and a board member] for over eight years now," said Mayer, whose youngest child is in seventh grade and will finish in the district next year. "I just feel at this point it would be best if some younger parents would step up and participate on things like the school board." 

For Rhoads, who said he originally planned on serving two terms, a job change soon after his election in 2009 cut down on his free time.

"When I ran for the board I was basically self-employed," Rhoads said, but a heavy workload is now the reasoning behind his decision to not seek a second term.

Lewensohn said she doesn't know whether or not she'll run in 2013.

"I really haven't decided," she said.

The board members made their statements the week after the Hinsdale Village Caucus released the three selections of its District 181 candidate nominating committee, a slate that will very likely get the endorsement of the caucus at its Nov. 28 meeting.

Those three potential candidates are Gary Clarin, Mridu Garg and Jill Vorobiev. Thirteen people sought the endorsement for District 181 school board, according to caucus officials.

Rhoads and Mayer said they had decided not to run before the caucus' endorsement process and did not seek the endorsement. Lewensohn did not comment on whether or not she sought the endorsement.

Vicki Casmere, the caucus' recording secretary, said the caucus does not release the identities of persons who the nominating committee does not select.

Lewensohn, Mayer and Rhoads were all elected in 2009 after being endorsed by the Hinsdale Village Caucus and running unopposed. 

One does not need the caucus’ endorsement to run. The slate for District 181 in 2011—Brendan Heneghan, Susan Nedza Lastres, Michael Nelson, and Glenn Yaeger—were opposed by two non-caucus candidates including Marty Turek, who won a spot over Nedza Lastres.

Those interested in running for local office on April 9 must file the mandatory nominating papers with the governmental body they hope to serve between Monday, Dec. 17., and Monday, Dec. 24.

Jim Sims November 22, 2012 at 03:56 AM
For the sake of the children and teachers in District 181, let's hope the next three elected board members are not clones of Lewensohn, who has taken it upon herself to rubber stamp the sweeping changes and elimination of services proposed by the former speech therapist, Renee Schuster, who has no classroom teaching experience.


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