Woman Steals $1,900 Dog, Hardwood Floors Snatched from Home

A look at weird crimes in the Chicago area.

By Emily Stone and David MacLean


A Glenview resident told police that a week after they did a final walk through on a home they were buying, the discovered that someone had removed all of the hardwood floors. The estimated loss is $5,000.

You know what they say, break a mirror, get 7 years bad luck (or community service)

A 31-year-old woman was was cited for criminal damage to property after police said she admitted to kicking and damaging the side-view mirror of another person’s vehicle in Libertyville.

Does Hallmark make a Valentine's Day card for this?

Someone reported forgetting their spouse’s cell phone on a table at a Glenview business on Feb. 14. The phone was not recovered

I wonder if it will accompany her on the perp walk

Police say a Missouri woman walked into a Bolingbrook pet store and asked an employee about a rabbit cage. She then asked to see a Maltese puppy. She took the puppy to a "petter" area before asking an employee to take a picture of her with the dog, police said.

She told the employee she had left her phone outside. After going outside to get her purse, she returned to the petter area. The employee took the photo and left the area. She then allegedly placed the puppy in her purse and left the store without paying, according to police. The puppy is valued at $1,899.

Cruella De Vil the prime suspect

A Glenview resident reported that their 10-year-old son’s backpack containing his school I-Pad was stolen after he checked his backpack in as luggage during a flight from Orlando to Chicago.

Taking 'Have it your way' a bit too literally

Police say two men were caught with heroin in a Bolingbrook Burger King bathroom.


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