Sex Offender Registry: Burr Ridge's Offenders Per Capita Among Area's Lowest

See how Burr Ridge stacks up to other area towns in terms of the number of registered sex offenders per capita.

During the past few weeks, Patch sites around Chicago posted a sex offender registry map.

We looked at data of towns surrounding Burr Ridge and found the percentage of sex offenders per town by dividing the number of sex offenders listed on the Illinois Sex Offender Registry by a town's population. We hope this provides context as to how many live where.  

The registry list includes those in a Department of Corrections facility, those who are homeless and those whose location may be unknown. 

The populations in the chart are from the U.S. Census Bureau, 2011. 

Town Sex Offenders Population Percentage (%) Joliet 209 148,402 0.1408337 Lockport 34 24,987 0.1360708 Montgomery 25 18,688 0.1337757 Aurora 212 199,672 0.1061741 Wheaton 52 53,238 0.0976746 Warrenville 12 13,232 0.0906892 LaGrange 12 15,617 0.0768393 Bolingbrook 55 73,802 0.0745237 North Aurora 12 16,922 0.0709136 Plainfield 22 39,840 0.0552208 Romeoville 21 39,912 0.0526158 Lemont 8 16,076 0.0497636 Oak Lawn 28 56,937 0.0491772 Darien 10 22,241 0.044962 Woodridge 14 33,200 0.0421687 Oswego 12 30,856 0.0388903 Clarendon Hills 3 8,486 0.0353523 Downers Grove 17 48,163 0.0352968 Palos Hills 6 17,561 0.0341666 Tinley Park 17 56,965 0.0298429 Burr Ridge 3 10,624 0.028238 Orland Park 14 57,016 0.0245545 Palos Heights 3 12,567 0.023872 Naperville 32 142,773 0.0224132 Hinsdale 0 16,923 0.0

Who Needs to Register?

Persons convicted of misdemeanor or felony sex crimes involving children under age 18 as well as adult victims are required to register their addresses with the local law enforcement agency in the communities where they reside once a year, under the Illinois Sex Offender Registration Act. The same rules apply to out-of-state sex offenders who move to or work in Illinois, as well as out-of-state students attending a state college or university.

The Illinois State Police maintain a detailed Sex Offender Registry of all of the state's registered sex offenders that is available to the public. There, citizens can look up and find the registered sex offenders living in their own communities. Local police departments throughout the state feed information about the individual sex offenders registered in their jurisdictions to the state database.

To see the three Clarendon Hills registered sex offenders, click here and type "Burr Ridge" into the search box on the right side of the page.

Similar requirements for registration are also in effect for sex crimes committed against adults — especially adults with disabilities.

A sex offender must register annually in person at the local police department for the duration of the required 10-year registration period. 

In addition, registered sex offenders are prohibited from residing within 500 feet of a school, daycare center, youth center or other facility catering to children under age 18.

Editor's note: This report was based on one written by Naperville Patch editor Collin Czarnecki and Bolingbrook Patch editor Melissa Sersland.


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