2 More Catalytic Converters Poached from Burr Ridge Vehicles

The exhaust-system parts are often stolen because they contain valuable metals; two others were reported stolen earlier this month in Burr Ridge.

Two more catalytic converters were stolen from vehicles in Burr Ridge, according to police reports. 

The latest incident was reported March 26. In that case, police said, a catalytic converter of unknown value was reported stolen at 8:14 a.m. from a 2003 Ford truck parked at a business in the 16W100 block of 83rd Street. 

Two days before, on March 24, a business in the 7700 block of Grant Street reported a $500 catalytic converter was taken from a 2004 Chevy van parked at the location.

The reports come only weeks after two catalytic converters were reported stolen from vehicles parked in the same block of Grant Street. Those thefts were reported on March 6.

Police provided no possible suspects in the latest incidents, which are both under investigation.

Catalytic converters are a part of a vehicle's exhaust system and are often targeted by thieves because they "contain enough platinum, palladium or rhodium to make it worth the risk to cut it from the underbelly of your vehicle," according to Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.


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