Mayor Gary Grasso Helps Send Off '50 Capitols in 50 Days' Traveler Mickey Straub

Mickey Straub left Burr Ridge Saturday morning for Gettysburg, Pa.; he begins his 50-day journey in Harrisburg on Sept. 4.

A small group of friends, neighbors and co-workers of Mickey Straub, as well as couple of notable public officials, gathered Saturday morning at the Veterans Memorial outside Burr Ridge's Village Hall to send off the 55-year-old resident as he begins .

Straub, a 55-year-old Abraham Lincoln enthusiast, will begin on Sept. 4 what he hopes will be 50-day trip that will take him to all 50 state capitals. He plans to recite aloud the Gettysburg Address on the steps of each capitol building in an effort to bring attention to what he believes are the 16th president’s core principles: God, Liberty, Unity and Equality (GLUE).

Straub's trip officially begins on Tuesday, but he left Burr Ridge Saturday morning for Gettysburg. His first capitol will be Harrisburg.

Straub spoke to attendees Saturday morning; click on the video to the right to watch his speech.

Mayor Gary Grasso was on hand and spoke briefly on behalf of Straub's village.

"Go with the thought that Burr Ridge is behind you," Grasso told Straub. "It is certainly a remarkable thing that you're doing."


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