Ask a Stylist: What's the Best Way to Go Gray?

In the latest edition of Patch's "Ask a Stylist" series, Salon Hype owner Ross Bartolomei talks about graying gracefully.

Each week on Patch, Salon Hype owner Ross Bartolomei answers a question about the ubiquitous discussion topic that is our hair. 

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Question: I've been coloring my hair for years and have decided to let the gray take over. How do you go gray gracefully after you stop coloring your hair?

Answer: Excellent question and I am asked that a lot. First, it  depends on whether you're a blonde or brunette. If you're blonde, I recommend start highlighting around your face and bring the color up as light as possible so it's a gradual transition. Try to neutralize the yellow or golden tones, so there won't be a harsh line of outgrowth. For brunette's, start by lightening up the formula a shade at a time, until you get a lighter appearance. Then, start to add highlights around the face in order to continue to soften the golden tones. We also recommend using a special "violet" shampoo to neutralize any yellow tones. Keep in mind, the process is easier if you have shorter hair, and be patient—it takes about a year to transition, depending on the length of your hair. But, interestingly enough, approximately 80 percent of my clients end up going back to coloring their hair.


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