VIDEO: Kids Put Model Cars to the Test at Case New Holland

Students from 14 schools in the Chicago area put their skills to the test at Case New Holland Manufacturing on Saturday.

Fourteen middle schools from all over the Chicago area came to Burr Ridge-based manufacturer Case New Holland over the weekend in order to compete in Argonne National Labs' 20th model fuel cell car competition. Twenty-nine teams designed and built a model car that would turn hydrogen and oxygen from the air into electricity to power its motor.

"Competitions like this are really important, because it gives kids a hands-on experience with science and technology in a fun and exciting way," said Eleanor Taylor, spokesperson for Argonne National Labs, which sponsored the competition along with CNH.

"We really need kids to want to be scientists and engineers.  We have huge challenges to solve in energy, in our environment in national security ... These kids are our future generation of scientists and engineers," said Taylor.

Awards were given for the design competition, as well as the race. The results were as follows:

In the design competition:

1) Hadley Junior High, Glen Ellyn, Illinois (Team 1)

2) Maple Middle School, Northbrook, Illinois (Team 1)

3) George Washington Middle School, Lyons, Illinois (Team 1)

In the race:

1) Daniel Wright Junior High, Lincolnshire, Illinois (Team 1)

2) Stanley Clark School, South Bend, Indiana (Team 1)

3) , Orland Park, Illinois (Team 2)

4) Stanley Clark School, South Bend, Indiana (Team 2)

5) Hadley Junior High, Glen Ellyn, Illinois (Team 1)

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